New Zealand Advanced Property Companion

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This is the new home of the New Zealand Advanced Property Companion.

Development has been slow, however there is now some code available in CVS, which you are welcome to check out and have a play with. The current plan is to start releasing standalone calculators - for mortgages, stamp duties, taxes, agent's commissions, and so on - and then when the property companion is closer to be ready, these calculators will be integrated back into the main project.

Want to help? If you are able to contribute formulae for detailed calculations, then please send them in using the email facility provided by sourceforge. For example, the mortgage repayment calculator currently handles calculations where the interest is calculated and charged at the same intervals as repayments are made, i.e. each week, fortnight, month, etc. I need to enhance this to include options for calculating and charging at other intervals, e.g. interest calculated daily, charged monthly with weekly repayments.

Please check back soon (around March 30, 2005) for more information.

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